Monday, May 21, 2018


Ironman 70.3 Japan

Challenge Roth - Germany

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Here is just a quick re cap for those of you that were interested in how my race went at Challenge Taiwan full distance. Swim - It was a non wetsuit swim for us as water temps were 24-25C (age group could still wear suits, mainly for safety reasons in Asia) I treated it like a 70.3 swim to hang onto Dylan McNiece who is on exceptional swimmers in our sport (Has led the Hawaii IM out of water) - time 48min.

 Bike - smooth roads and a rolling hilly course along the coast, actually a very nice bike course Dylan and I wanted to keep pace high as #1 we raced last weekend or 6 days ago actually (Challenge Melb half...not ideal but part of a "package" with Challenge) and knew fatigue would set in later no matter what #2 we wanted to hold off the "king of asian racing" Freddie Cronenberg. It rained a little during bike so although there was cloud cover the humidity was quite high, still air temps around 30C... not good coming from Melbourne.
Bike times:
Through 90km - 2.08
180k - 4.20 (wind picked up on second lap)

 Run - Dylan and I ran together for 20km at a steady clip (on track for a 2.55-57 marathon) that we thought was comfortable and manageable in the 'warm, humid' Taiwan conditions.... not record setting but it didn't need to be. However, and I think mainly just due to fatigue (2 races 6 days + travel) I cramped up in left adductors..This has happened a few times before. From there it was trying to manage cramps home so made for a little longer back end of marathon and quite a few stops to stretch it out... humidity didn't help either with incased sweat rates. Anyway Freddie caught me at 32km and I slipped to 3rd where I stayed. Time - blew out to 3.12 (not ideal but best of a bad scenario)

 Lesson from race!
- Back to back races in hard/painful!! or a Half and a Full in 6 days in 2 different countries.
 - The swim is in a man made lake or more like a 1.3km long swimming pool.... water is filled by a fresh spring so clean, see the bottom all the way as 2.5m deep. Amazing.
 - Course was fantastic swim bike and run were all quite nice interesting and never boring.
 - People here are crazy and lover the sport. Over the weekend there are 4k+ athletes racing as there is a Full, Half (Saturday) Olympic and Kids race (300 kids) Sunday,
 - I did see some people riding in Crocs with pedals on $10k bikes
 - I did see some people running in rubber thongs with socks.
- The aid station that I thought had coke on it ended up being Ice Tea!
 - I may now have eaten my weight in Dumplings.....

 Thanks for all the well wishes, It was a blast. Luke

Sunday, March 25, 2018

                  .........RIDING bike, RUNNING after dreams and helping people achieve goals.

UP COMING RACES: Challenge Melbourne Half - 1.9km / 90km / 21km
                                      Challenge Taiwan Full - 3.8km / 180km / 42km

Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 a new year, a new beginning, a new baby girl Harriet for Matilda to be a "big sister" to and..... time to put the University studies and 16+ years of racing professionally and learning from some of the best minds in the sport of triathlon to good use. I am excited to join the Gerard Donnally and the staff at TriVelo coaching and share everything that I have learned and also to keep on learning, adapting and evolving.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

   ..............Riding towards a new year and new adventures...........                            Photo:Koruptvision

It is that time of year to switch off relax and hang out with the family. 2017 has had a little bit of everything but always enjoyable!

2017 "highlights" package
3rd - Challenge Wanaka, New Zealand (Full Distance)
2nd -Challenge Thailand
4th - Ironman 70.3 Qujing, China
3rd -Challenge Shepparton, Australia
* Ironman Cairns - fractured ribs at swim start.
* Ironman Busselton - "fractured" bike thanks to Virgin Airlines.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Challenge Wanaka Iron Distance

Video clip/ race recap from 3rd place at Challenge Wanaka. If you want to visit an amazing place in NZ go check it out!