Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Challenge Wanaka Iron Distance

Video clip/ race recap from 3rd place at Challenge Wanaka. If you want to visit an amazing place in NZ go check it out!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome to 2017..

With one week locked away already the year has gotten off to a fun start.

Last weekend was spent down in Lorne Victoria hanging out at the "Pier to Pub" swim event with 5000+ other swimmers. It is always a great weekend away with the family and Lucy was able to notch up #20 (Double Shark Bait) with her father.

This weekend sees us head down to the "2 Bays trail run" which I am very much looking forward to after so many people have mentioned how stunning the course is. Last years event was put on hold with a fractured pelvis from a bike accident.

All these events are fun and in preparation for Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand on February 18th. The full Iron distance event is run in and around the Wanaka region well know for its surroundings.

Always be active.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Ironman 70.3 Ballarat - Race ambassador.

Rounding out the year is always nice at an event and town where things all began for myself. As a teenager and giving triathlon a 'go' Ballarat was one of the first events with fond memories so it is nice to get back there and help bring triathlon and Ballarat to the Ironman World.

This year Ironman and myself are looking at doing a "FaceLive" feed leading into the event so you can see the 'goings on' pre and post event. I guess it will allow you a little insight as to how the professionals go about things.

See below the ling to the Ironman event race site for all details.


The run leg taking in the "Steve Moneghetti" track.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Challenge Shepparton Half

Please see a quick link below from Challenge Shepparton from over the weekend where I assisted with "Facebook Live" updates of the race. It was a little bit of fun and very well received by the public.

Along with this I was in and out of commentary throughout the day. As I was unable to defend my title it was nice to still be out there and involved cheering everyone on. Scroll through and you will see all of the updates and comments through the race!

 Best Luke.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Challenge Vietnam followed by Challenge Jeju South Korea Half distance races. Looking forward to these 2 events. Ticking boxes warm, sunny and in parts of the world that we have never been to.

Please see link below for Challenge Vietnam

Also check out link below for Challenge Jeju

...meanwhile I will continue training away in "Sunny San Diego".......

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ironman Oz


Just a quick update post Ironman Australia Port Macquarie. Unfortunately I due to a substantial cut in my front tyre at the 130km mark while in 2nd position (group) with one person up ahead, I had to withdraw from the race. (Please see photo attached for pic of slash in tyre - I could also not be angry for long when Matilda walked over that night with my helmet on... perspective!).

As a recap once I obtained the cut tyre I instantly spotted the sealant (used to block/clog any small holes) so I quickly put in my CO2 cartridge hoping to be back and rolling in no time.... however all the air just blew out the side and I quickly found out the size of the gash. From there I quickly changed my spare however with no air to inflate it. I was also still quite a distance away (apx 5km) from the "mechanical zone" points which are used at Ironman Port Macquarie. In short I got some air to put in my tyre about 25mins later and was back rolling.

At this point I was well off the pace but was keen to do a solid marathon to burn off some frustration and try and peg back as many guys as possible. However word from the coach was to be "smart" and save it for Ironman Cairns, The Asia Pacific Championships (Ironman Championship event) in 6wks time rather than bust the body for the sake of burning some frustration.

After the normal roll of emotions of anger, frustration, disappointment, acceptance it was time to move on and get back into the swing of things. The positives were the body felt great. I had great swim to put me in a nice position on the bike and was riding/racing smart. At the point of the flat I had only averaged 142hr and 251w... all smiles. (3.4w/kg - quite low, most events are around the 3.8-4w/kg range).

Port Macquarie Ironman Australia is always a fantastic event and one close to heart. Ironman Australia was my first ever Ironman, I have placed 1st and 2nd there. It was great to see another successful event completed there. The atmosphere is always electric.

Thanks to everyone for their help, support and kind words. Things were looking the goods! Lets carry it onto the Asia Pacific Championships in Cairns.

Best Luke.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Comfort, Style and Speed.

Visit the link below and it will run you through the gear that I will be using during the cycle leg of all my events this year. There is some nice new and some improved products all designed for comfort and speed.