Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Challenge Bahrain

Photo Australian Triathletemag

Event: Challenge Bahrain
- 4th Half in 5 weekends
- Star studded world class field
- Prize money = 100k for winner
- Place, 9th
- Result, 2014 season done and dusted

Where to now?
- Recovery
- Beers, Christmas and time with family and friends
- Looking forward to 2015

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ironman Mandurah 70.3 & Ironman Ballarat 70.3 "Double header"

Back to back Ironman 70.3 events is a tough as but it was nice to get in a couple of nice late season event and collect some valuable points towards the 2015 Hawaii Ironman World Championships qualification. 

Ironman Mandurah 70.3 - Australian Championships (Event KPR P1500)
1Michael RAELERT (GER)03:35:54Professional  (1)

2Tim REED (AUS)03:38:41Professional  (2)

3Christian KEMP (AUS)03:39:47Professional  (3)

4Luke BELL (AUS)03:43:48Professional  (4)

5Ruedi WILD (SUI)03:47:25Professional  (5)

6Craig ALEXANDER (AUS)03:48:37Professional  (6)

7Denis CHEVROT (FRA)03:50:05Professional  (7)

8James BOWSTEAD (NZL)03:53:08Professional  (8)

9Matt BURTON (AUS03:54:19Professional  (9)

10Simon BILLEAU (FRA)03:58:02Professional  (10)

Ironman Ballarat 70.3 (Event KPR 750)
(NOTE - Awarded equal 2nd Due to being lead off course by2 technical officials)
1Michael RAELERT (GER)03:48:32

2Jamie HUGGETT (AUS)03:57:32

3Luke BELL (AUS)03:57:33

4Josh RIX (AUS)04:04:40

5Hayden ARMSTRONG (AUS)04:06:58

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2014

I headed back to Ironman Mont-Tremblant as a defending champion. After knee surgery in Feb I was unsure how it would end up. I had a great block of training and my numbers in swim, bike and run were good and I was content where things were at considering.

What I did not account for was TJ Tollakson putting me well above my power output needed to ride a smooth steady race. I had not wanted to test the knee in the anaerobic zone in fear of it not being ready to respond. It was good to 350watts but the 400+ that TJ was putting out on some sections just took its toll. At around the 3hr mark my knee tightened up and after a chat with the race physio/doctors in T2 we made the choice to stop there to avoid any damage and end back at square one. It was about saving what is left of the season and being able to race the remainder of 2014 in comparison to running and marathon and "hoping" that all would be ok.

This will be the first time since 2002 that I will not have qualified for Kona. Although out of my control it will still be hard to watch. I know I will be back there next year and many more years to come but that does not make it sit any easier. Who would have thought that a swerve of a photographer in Busselton in Dec 2013 would still be haunting me.

Below is a link to the short recap of the Ironman North American Championships in Mont-Tremblant Canada for 2014. Also a few pics from race day.



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Giant Trinity TT bike gallery - Ironman Australia 2014

www.firstoffthebike.com took some up close shots of my Giant Trinity (medium) race bike from Ironman Australia earlier in the year pre event. Please see the link below to view the pictures.



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ironman Vineman 70.3 2014

Well Vineman 70.3 did not quite go to plan and adding my name to the winners trophy for a 2nd time did not turn out but as always I enjoyed the day and a huge congratulations must go out to the race crew on putting on another first class event.

With a front "blow out" that went off like a shot gun about 1hr 20mins in the race for the win was over as I watched the front bunch of 6 roll away. Not wanting to waste the day I changed the flat collected my rubbish and got back on to get a solid day in of swim, bike and running in the bank for the next event the North American Ironman Championships in Mont-Tremblant Canada where I will try to defend my title from 2013.

Although the day did not go to plan please see below a short clip of the days event.



Saturday, July 5, 2014

"Sun" Diego training in San Diego.

Things have been moving in the right direction which is nice after so much time dwelling on knee rehab and getting back on track.

It has only been over the past 2-3 weeks where I feel like the body is starting to "get fit" again. I am able to finish sessions feeling strong and wake up the next day ready to go again. Being based in the one spot and able to hit some quality session focussing on training and training alone has also helped no end.

With a few fun races in and around the area also to keep things interesting it will be nice to head up to Vineman 70.3 next weekend to see the improvements. I am not expecting an "out of the world" experience but it will be nice to see where things are at against what is always a world class field, before it is back at it in lead up to the North American Ironman Championships in Mont-Tremblant Canada to defend my title from 2013.

San Diego International Triathlon

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ironman Boise 70.3 - 2014

Ironman Boise was a close nail biting race with Brent McMahon, Trevor Wurtele trading the lead till the line. Brent has been the "inform" athlete so far this season and crossed first with Wurtele on his heels and myself in 3rd.

It is nice to be back out there at it and being in the mix racing the race.

See below a short highlight clip from the event.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ironman 70.3 Ballarat

Ironman Ballarat 70.3 is a new event on the calendar in 2014. It is also a place where I race quite a few of my very first triathlons as a kid so it is a pleasure to be the Ambassador for the next 3 years.

With a road trip down to Ballarat promoting the event with Australian Triathletemag we were able to jump on the bikes to check out the course which takes in marque parts of the town and makes for some amazing views.

Be sure to put it on the list of events to do at some stage as the town of Ballarat embraces sporting events from the Australian road cycling championships to the World masters rowing later in the year so you know it will put everything behind the 70.3 event to make all athletes feel special.

 Photo: Australian Triathletemag      

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ironman Australia - Race Highlights 2014.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ironman Australia - To be or not to be......

                                                                                     "Power to the pedals" 90k in 90k to go.
                                                                                                  Tapping it out through 10km
                                                                                                  Port Macquarie - Flynns Beach

Ironman Australia was a mixed bag. Going in I knew that I was well underdone on the run with only 3 weeks of consistent running. Being optimistic about the day and knowing I had done more work on my swim and bike while being not being able to run I was excited to get out there and give it a go. Being defending champion also had an influence on making the start line as it is always nice heading back to a place of fond memories.

The day started well and I was eager to get to the front and push the pace making everyone else race at my pace. With Denis Chevrot (France) in the field and having done my research on him (4th IM Arizona, 5th IM Florida - strong swim/runner) I knew I would have some company during the swim and that I did as he comfortable held my feet to the shore. Denis and myself hit the shores in 44.24 with a 2 minute buffer on Paul Ambrose and close to 5 minutes on the main chase pack.

Starting the bike out hard for the first 15-20min I was able to put a gap between myself and Chevrot before settling down for the remainder of the cycle leg. Holding an even pace from start to finish it allowed me to build a strong buffer on the chasers and riding a 4hr 37min leg on what ended up being a strength and windy course. By the time I arrived back to transition I had close to 11 minutes on Ambrose in 2nd and 17 minutes on the chase group. (After downloading the power file it was great to see the benefits from the sold bike block I had done - good numbers with even pace and no decline in effort)

Starting out the run the body felt quite good and relaxed however this was the unknown. The heart rate was low and I was conscious of pace and for the first 1hr of the run things were looking and feeling good. Things were to change and quickly due to only having run on grass and dirt my hips, legs, and feet started to feel the pounding on concrete. My run gait started to change to compensate and my initial thoughts were hold form to not cause any risk to my knee. This was the point I made the decision to stop. The decision was made in order to not risk any damage. I knew in the back of my mind going in that 3 weeks of running may not be enough (lets be honest NOT enough) but I wanted to be there as defending champion and it is the Australian Ironman titles.

The body is recovering well and I am doing everything to ensure that full recovery takes place. Running is coming around 4 weeks ago I was not running at all, now I believe I am good to run (race 15-20k) but 42 was pushing it. With 3 more weeks till Honu 70.3 I am confident that things will be back at 95-100% and good to go full gas once in the US for the beginning of the summer season and with the US and major races in Australia all towards the end of the year it is still a long season ahead.

Love what you do and do what you love.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ironman Australia and Ballarat 70.3 2014

The bags are packed, bike is bubble wrapped and we are off to Ironman Australia that brought such good memories last year. Things have been a little different to start the year but with the knee scope done and recovery gone well as they say it is time to get back on the horse.

Although the recovery has taken time meaning prep has been not ideal however in saying that I have done everything possible in the time available to get to Ironman Australia and defend my title as Australian Champion. I am excited and eager to get out there.

Ironman Australia and rehab has taken up the majority of time in the first few months of the year but the time has also allowed me to work with Ironman Asia-Pacific and I am excited to be the Ambassador and face of the new Ballarat 70.3 event for the next 3 year.

With events growing fast it has been exciting to be a part of it all and this will allow me to work closely with Ironman Asia-Pacific and the Ballarat community. Exciting times.

In the mean time it is on the plane this morning up to Port Macquarie NSW to rack the bike, take a dip in the ocean and enjoy a run along the coast line.

 Best Luke

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Back on the horse"

Due to the incident during Ironman Western Australia late last year during the bike portion where an altercation with a media motorbike resulted in knee surgery early in the year. It is now nice to be bouncing back all be it later in the Australian summer than hoped, (missing Ironman Melbourne - home event) and gearing up for Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie.

Although the preparation has not been 100% due to rehab, I can say that I have been able to do as much training as possible that my body would allow me. That means I am heading into Ironman Australia (as defending champion) in the best position I can be under the circumstances, or cards dealt.

I am very much looking forward to getting back on the start line, feeling those nerves pre race and just "letting go" once the gun goes off.

We train to race and race because we love it.
Luke :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

March Madness

The past month has been a little like the college basketball in the US, "March Madness" I was great to have the opportunity to ride with Jensen Button and also be a part of Ironman Melbourne where some amazing racing took place. The only downer was I was on the other side of the fence helping with the media side of things.

It has come time to get back on the horse and with the knee coming around post surgery I have signed up to Ironman Australia to head back and get the 2014 seasons going. Being the defending champion it is always nice to head back... to be able to defend on minimal training well we will have to wait and see how things end up in May. I have done as much training possible as my body would allow me to do.

Having some down time also has allowed me to hang out with sponsors more and do things that would not normally be possible or not have the time to do. We have headed away camping and just getting out doors doing other activities. I was also lucky enough through Oakley to attend a drive day with the Jack Daniels Racing Team (V8 Supercars) and thanks to Rick Kelly got to hang on and rip around a few "hot laps"

I look forward now to a few more weeks at home before heading to Ironman Australia early May then heading back to San Diego the home away from home for the summer.

Some easy miles with Jensen and the boys. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Melbourne Summer

The past few weeks in Melbourne has been buzzing with sport with the Moomba Festival of Skiing and Wake boarding followed by last weekends Formula 1 Grand Prix of racing held around Albert Park. This weekend sees the 3rd running of the Asia-Pacific Championships - Ironman Melbourne. The St Kilda area is being transformed into the Ironman Village and athletes are beginning to roll into town from all around the world. It is an amazing event and one that I am glad to be hands on and apart of although I would still rather be racing.

With the Formula 1 Grand Prix in town the chance arose to spend some time swim, riding and running with a passionate and avid triathlete in Mclaren driver Jenson Button (3rd in the Australian GP). The boy is fast on 4 wheels but I must say he holds more than his own on 2 wheels. It always amazes me how sport brings people together and deep down no matter the sport athletes are driven by the same motivations and love of it.


Monday, March 10, 2014

It has been an amazing summer and the past week it has been nice to get back out on the ocean and ditch the swim for a paddle. Nothing like a little cross training. 

Swimming and cycling has been going well since the knee surgery and today was a nervous and anticipated jog to test it out. That first run back is always a scary one as with every step comes scrutiny and assessment of every step. BUT it was nice to end it on a positive! 

Melbourne has been a buzz, and will be for the next few weeks. Moomba Festival is in full swing and lights up the city with parades, activities and the main attraction of the Moomba Masters water skiing and wake boarding. Next week rolls into full 'gas' with the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix racing followed the following week by the Asia-Pacific Ironman Championships. In short these are 3 major international events that attack a world focus right here on my home city (voted twice 'best city to live in') Melbourne. 

There is nothing like getting out and amongst all the energy!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Season 2014

Time flies and I must say it was nice to have a relaxing Christmas split between home in Melbourne and Adelaide with family. Summer has been fantastic so far and we have been very spoiled with the weather which makes for easy training... well easy to get out the door. I guess that is the benefit of living summer to summer is 90% of the time you are always happy to wake up and get out the door.

The other nice thing about Melbourne is there is no short of cycling buddies, with friends like Greg Henderson (Lotto-Belisol), Koan De Kort (Giant-Shimano) and Simon Gerrans (Orica GreenEdge) I am always assured to be short of breath.

The first part of the year has been about getting miles done and having a nice solid block of training. This was somewhat interrupted due to a knee scope and clean out as a result of an incident with a media motorbike during the cycle leg of Ironman Western Australia at the end of 2013. With that now out of the way it is nice to be back into the full swing of things.

With the interruption of the scope the focus shifted from Ironman Melbourne to defending my title at Ironman Australia in May before heading back to San Diego via Hawaii 70.3 to begin the US season.

Along with the training it is always nice to do articles and extra media things that pop up, but more on that later....

remember do what you love and love what you do.