Thursday, October 29, 2015

Melbourne has turned it on for our arrival back. The summer has started early and it sure does make it easier to get out the door. 

As soon as I arrived back I have been consulting various medical practitioners and nutrition specialists to investigate what may have contributed to the severe dehydration that ended my day in Kona. For those that do not know the day ended being loaded onto a stretcher at T2 with a blood pressure of 80/40 and 3x 1L IV bags. After 3hrs in medical and the IV’s I still came in 2.5 pounds under morning race weight. The medical staff in Kona were excellent and I can't thank them enough in assisting my recovery, I had none other than the well known AFL (Australian Football League) doctor Peter Larkin literally pick me up off the pavement at T2.

Moving forward we are back into the swing of things as there is still some racing to do in the Asia-Pacific region to round out the year starting with Ironman Mandurah 70.3. It is always a fast race and will be good to go at it with Terenzo Bozzone and a few of the European boys out for the summer. Last year we rolled around under the course record chasing Michi Raelert pre his big Challenge Bahrain win. 

On another front I have been welcomed to be a part of the Penrith Triathlon Clup (PTC). PCT is the largest triathlon club in Australia and has some of the strongest age groupers getting around, each year taking out the club championships at Ironman Australia in dominant form. It will be great to work with these guys as they have a great balance of Triathlon and life getting the most out of every aspect.

Along with working with PTC I will also continue to work with Ironman here in the Asia-Pacific region racing, promoting and getting young, old and new people involved in triathlon and an active healthy lifestyle. I have always been a believer of “Life long activity”. 

It is a busy few months to end the year and to start 2016. I love being involved in our sport so would not want it any other way. The 2016 race schedule is starting to take shape so once it is all sorted I will be sure to let you know. 

For now I will keep you all posted on the races and activities to round out the year.