Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"The back end" 2015


(Photos - Cardiff San Diego, Ironman Australia 2015)

With the month ticking over from June to July it is time to get the second half of the year underway. June was mainly spent with "head down bum up" training, being consistent and ticking boxes so it all can be drawn upon later in the year.

As I mentioned June was spent building those blocks. It is sort of a two fold build. One to get in a good solid preparation leading into Ironman Canada (Whistler) on July 26th and the second is that it is a major part of the Hawaii Ironman phase of strength and conditioning. The speed/speed endurance will be done in the Hawaii prep later in August and September. But it is not possible to put the body under that sort of load without the foundation.

First up however is Vineman 70.3 this coming weekend. Vineman has always been one of the major event on the US circuit and favourite of mine. The fondness is aided by placing both 1st and 2nd there in the past. The field assembled is always 1st class and this year is no different with in form athletes, internationals, Olympians and multiple world champions toeing the line such as Craig Alexander, Tim O'Donnell, Sam Appleton, Tyler Butterfield and Kyle Buckingham from South Africa. The timing of Vineman 70.3 is also perfect being 2 weeks out from Ironman Canada.

Post Ironman Canada it will all about recovery and then building on the fitness leading into the Ironman Wold Championships. As I mentioned the remainder of the year is a busy one so it was essential to get a mid season break in after Ironman Australia and then a build before hitting the events through till December.

But for now it is time to pack the bike, put the feet up and get the body ready to race the next 2 events. Ironman 70.3 Vineman and Ironman Canada - Whistler.

Thanks again to everyone and I am excited to get this second half of the year rolling.

Best Luke

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